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Welcome to the 100 Lit Podcast

A New Show With A New Look At Books...

100Lit is a podcast show all about bringing old and new stories and authors to your daily life.

With the goal to finish at least 100 reads (audio books and/or otherwise) in 365 days, it combines the coziness and intimacy of a book club with your friends  with the added entertainment of a night out, good wine, delicious  recipes, fitness, and more.

Review System: 

Books I review on my blog follow the regular "1 to 5 star" scale that Amazon employs (though I do read more than Amazon books)

However, any book discussed or reviewed on 100Lit has its own review scale, which is as follows: 

Lit: This work/author is awesome. I loved everything about it!

Hungry: The author is good. The book is okay, but he or she, with whatever the read is, just hasn't found their footing in the writing world yet. But they will very soon. 

Thirsty: The book/author is trying to be something its/they are clearly not, and it comes across clearly.  

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